Kalundewa Retreat

AREA Midlands


Located in the Matale District of the Central Province, the Kalundewa Retreat defines seclusion and privacy. Book this private chalet and experience modern design in a truly natural setting. Surrounded by Sri Lanka's lavish paddy fields and mountains, this wonderfully green and exquisite haven is just waiting for a couple or a small group to come visit.


Kalundewa Retreat with all its modern features blends effortlessly into its lush surroundings. It is built in the middle of a man-made irrigation reservoir full of thick groves of Kumbuk trees and mangroves. Located just a short drive away from the busy town of Dambulla, you can enjoy the very best that nature has to offer in the luxury of complete privacy. Within a 100 acre retreat, Kalundewa Retreat floats on stilts over a lake. The sound of birds is commonplace at the chalet and guests often see peacocks, hornbills and other indigenous birds during their stay. Come to the retreat and enjoy walking through the fruit or herbal groves and paddy fields. Explore 90 acres of sustainable environment and witness traditional Sri Lankan agricultural practices. Fishing in the lake is also a possibility and so is a guided tour of the 400 varieties of medicinal plants in the area. For those more keen to stay close to the chalet, there is always the plunge-pool jacuzzi bubbles to soak into. A short ten minute walk will lead you to a natural eternal spring and from the Observation Deck you can absorb the breathtaking surroundings. The Dambulla Cave Temple and Sigiriya Rock Fortress are also close by for exploration.


Kalundewa Retreat offers two ensuite bedrooms. These luxury rooms are spacious with air conditioning, satellite-plasma TVs, a DVD player and Ipod connection.


The retreat can be accessed by raft or by the footpath. A personal valet and other staff members including a chef will be present to attend to your needs. Meals can be eaten anywhere in the chalet or at the restaurant. Traditional rice and curry can be prepared for lunch/dinner - the rice is harvested from the surrounding paddy fields of the retreat itself and so are the seasonal vegetables.


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