Jetwing Vil Uyana

AREA Midlands
FROM COLOMBO 169 km - 4 hours 30 minutes


Vil Uyana, meaning ‘garden of pools’ is an admirable effort by the Jetwing Group to create a truly eco friendly hotel. Built as a lifestyle hotel and intended to elicit an experience of rural living, Vil Uyana is located in close proximity to the sites of Sigiriya, Anuradhapura and Pollonnaruwa. The drive from Colombo will take approximately four and half hours.


Vil Uyana stands as an illustration of the greatness exhibited by Sri Lankan kings, as they built the reservoirs and tanks that still stand today which house a delicate balance of eco systems within. With that tribute in mind, the Jetwing Group embarked on the laborious endeavor to introduce a wetland system into the dry zone, where Vil Uyana is located. Drawing from ancient Sri Lankan traditions, the dwellings grew out of and not into the surroundings and are amidst marshes, ponds and delicate paddy fields. Thus, the experience of living in a paddy field, where villagers actually harvest the paddy during season, is delivered. The prolific nature of the landscape makes it a natural haunt for many species of birds and butterflies. However, despite the rural interface of the place, every imaginable comfort can be found within its walls, or in your individual dwellings, even spa treatments.


There are 25 spacious dwellings that come with a choice of three habitats; paddy, forest and water. All of them come with private decks that have charming views. The bathrooms have rain showers and sunken in tubs. These expansive dwellings are connected via a series of wooden walkways which traverse the property and the interiors consist of timber flooring, thatched roofs of coconut palms, bamboo and rattan ceilings. Other facilities include king size beds, flat screen TVs, satellite channels, DVD and CD players, IDD phone, a/c, tea coffee making facilities, safe, reed slippers and sarong.

Water Dwellings
There are three Jala Mandapas, which are 1030 sq ft in size and feature private decks. They are built over delightful lotus ponds and have a separate deck for dining.

Paddy Field Dwellings
Paddy Field Dwellings are 1030 sq ft in size and feature decks and plunge pools. They are set in the paddy fields.

Forest Dwellings
The ten Forest Dwellings are the most luxurious and are 2100 sq ft in size. They feature private pools and are two storey villas. The ground floor features an open cement lounge area with floor cushions and an indoor courtyard. The bathroom has a cement tub and rain shower. The bedroom occupies the entire top floor.


There are two restaurants, the Apsara for all day dining and the Sulang, for drinks and snacks. There is both local and international cuisine. You can also opt for spa dining at the Island Spa, signature dining on the deck of your room and outdoor dining in the paddy fields where traditional Sri Lankan rice and curry is served on a banana leaf.The library has a range of books which you can browse and the Graffiti Bar has a great selection of imported and local spirits. The well stocked wine cellar also offers a cellar dining option, where you can sample some of these vintages.The Island Spa offers a range of rejuvenating treatments from body wraps, to massage and aromatherapy. The treatment rooms are surrounded by water and incorporate nature into their regiment with the gentle sound of birds. There is also an in house naturalist who will take you on a guided birding tour.


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