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Tangalle is largely considered as one of the most beautiful and secluded beaches amongst all of those belonging to Sri Lanka’s south coast. Lansiya keeps perfectly to this by being a beach villa that has a relaxed and genial air. It is place where the quiet romance of swaying palms and whispering sea breezes gently ruffle your happiness and soothe your worries. Ideal for families or even for those in love, Lansiya is an uncluttered accommodation option that will make you feel welcome in every which way. The drive from the international airport will take approximately five hours.


Drawing inspiration from ancient Buddhist monasteries and temples, the styles you will find inside this villa are those that remind of a simple life. Lansiya does not reek of the grandeur commonly found in modern day boutique properties, but instead takes a subtler and straightforward route. Vibrant bursts of colour amidst Spartan orange walls, painted windows and rattan furniture are contributors to the unique charm that is Lansiya. Suffice it to say that this property does not mimic the trends of others, but merely choose to set its own, opting for creeping nostalgia over opulent appeal. The garden slowly meanders down on to a charismatic little beach, known as Seenimodera where the waters are calmest in the mornings and the hotel’s boogie boards can be taken full advantage of. Hare, squirrels, peacocks and iguanas all call this same garden home, and should you choose to stay here, you will have to share it with them.


There are two accommodation options which can be booked separately or as a whole. Lansiya Hill is the more romantic of the two and is located on a quiet palm speckled hill. In close proximity to the sea, the views from Lansiya Hill are beguiling. There is a private verandah as well as a balcony. This villa can comfortably sleep a couple and a child.The main gathering center is Lansiya House which has three large bedrooms which come with large dressing areas, courtyard showers that welcome the sky while the ground floor boasts a large living space, TV room cum study and spacious bathroom. There is a verandah which looks out over the ocean, garden and pool.


The recreation area has about half a dozen cane chairs, dining table, bar and cool tiled floors. It is also open plan, taking in every whistle of the ocean breeze. There is also an infinity swimming pool which calmly contemplates the sea. The chef will prepare a range of cuisine from a variety of countries including Sri Lankan, Japanese, Italian and continental. You can discuss your preferences with him and he will whip up something with gusto. There is a resident masseuse who provides a highly praised coconut scrub on your own private balcony. Basic snorkeling equipment is available as well as boogie boards. A nanny is available for children over two.


The beaches of Tangalle are renown for being amongst the most beautiful in all of the southern coastal belt. You can also choose to visit the nearby turtle conservation project of Rekawa and watch endangered species of marine turtles come ashore to nest. For a full list of activities, visit our South Coast Destination Profile.

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